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There is nothing quite like a Colorado sunset: the fading light shadowed by the multiple layers of the Rocky Mountains. When the time came for my first feature film, I knew I had to return home to Colorado to shoot it. Colorado's magnificent landscape lends itself perfectly to the rugged western narrative of Dutchman's Run. While beautiful visuals are one aspect of a movie, the creative crew that crafts the story is where the real potential lies. Dutchman's Run is (and will be) comprised of a variety of Coloradan artists. From editors to actors to writers to producers, this talented community strives to showcase the brilliant filmmaking potential that Colorado has to offer. In order for this movie to truly be successful, we are looking to the Colorado community for help gathering the resources needed to make this film. Coloradans have much to offer our project - a rancher who offers his property or a family that provides horses for a scene can make the film come alive! Dutchman's Run looks to incorporate all of these things (and more) to produce a truly homegrown, grass roots Colorado film that the entire state can be proud of. 
- Jeff Nixon